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STT type Graphite packing tower
Structure and characteristics
Non-permeability graphite packed tower system used in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and other corrosive media absorption, concentration, distillation, evaporation, filtration, washing and other chemical unit operation, it is a gas-liquid contact heat transfer, mass transfer process. In operation, gas and liquid flows for the current general direction. Liquid spray device from the top by sprinkling water and under the uniform, the gas rising from the bottom evenly, after gas-liquid two-phase contact between the surface of filler in order to carry out the delivery and quality of heat.
   Graphite packing tower structure is simple, manufacturing convenience, the pressure drop in small, adaptable, they are advised to deal with viscous, easy blistering, heat-sensitive materials or corrosive small mass transfer rate from gas to control the materials, which are more widely applied, but the low efficiency, bulky equipment.
Technical characteristics

P: -0.1 ~ 0.5MPa
T: ~ 200 ℃
Specifications: DN200 ~ DN3600
Implementation of standards: HG/T2370-2005 "Graphite Chemical Equipment technology system"


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